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General terms and conditions

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Subject matter of the contract

Contractual partners:
Oberberg-Online Informationssysteme GmbH, henceforth referred to as Oberberg-Online and D-WARS.COM users, henceforth referred to as user.

Unless otherwise proclaimed on the portal ("http://portal.d-wars.com" -> "DW-WORLD" -> "DW BATTLEZONES"), the following stipulations for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones apply.

Applying for D-WARS:
Oberberg-Online provides the contractual partner with the right of use for a single account on D-WARS.COM.

Applying for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones:
Oberberg-Online provides the contractual partner with the right of use for a single account on D-WARS.COM - Battlezones.

The general terms and conditions regularize the conditions and responsibilities of the contractual partners.

Scope of services

Applying for D-WARS:
The user acquires the right to utilize one D-WARS.COM account, starting with the beginning of the contract term.

Applying for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones:
The user acquires the right, starting with the beginning of the contract term, to temporarily utilize an account for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones for the set time period he paid for.

  1. By registering, the user acknowledges the general terms and conditions.

  2. When registerng a nick-name, it is strictly forbidden to use names that are rassistic, pornographic, insulting, threatening, violating applicable law or similar to names of members of the DW-Team.

  3. Each user may only have a single account.

  4. The utilization of an account my only serve private purposes, not a purpose relating to business.

  5. Each user supplies Oberberg-Online with truthful personal-related data within the scope of service provision. This data will be stored, processed and utilized for purposes designed to meet the requirements of D-WARS.COM and D-WARS.COM - Battlezones respectively. Personal-related data is data that contains details about personal and factual circumstances of one or more particular members. Requirements-oriented purposes are purposes of the kind that D-WARS.COM and D-WARS.COM - Battlezones utilizes with the provided data, taking into account effective data protetcion laws.

  6. The provided data my be send to third parties in anonymous form for the purpose of market research of similar purposes.

  7. The user may review and change his supplied data at any time, within the scope of technical feasibility.

  8. Each user has to inform himself on his own initiative about the portal, the message boards and the possibilities for updates, changes, bugs, server-downs and similar information provided within the game itself.

  9. Each member is obligated to keep e-mails and messages of other members in confidence, which he receives within the context of the utilization of the D-WARS.COM or D-WARS.COM - Battlezones database, and to not grant third parties access to these without the explicit consent of their originator. The same applies to names, telephone- and fax-numbers, mail- and email-addresses oder URLs of other members.

    Excluded from this are messages containing rassistic, pornographic, insultig, threatening, or illegal topic. These are to be reported to the administrators.

  10. The spreading of data containing a virus, and the uploading of copyrighted data or software is strongly prohibited.

  11. The member is authorized at any time to cancel his membership without a declaration of motive. Oberberg-Online thereby reserves a cancelation period of up to 2 months, during which the personal data will remain stored. After the expiration of this term the data will be automatically deleted without request. Should the respective member take up the service again during an active cancelation period, the prior cancellation will be revoked.

  12. Notwithstanding possible civil and penal consequences for the particular member, the non-observance of one or more of the obligations of conduct listed here, entitles D-WARS.COM or D-WARS.COM - Battlezones to cancel membership without prior notice. This also applies to owners of the Supporter Pack.

  13. The exploitation of bugs is strongly prohibited. Should a bug or otherwise strange game behavior be noted, it is to be immediatley reported to the administrators.

  14. The utilization of non-authorized scripts or programs which affect the D-WARS.COM or D-WARS.COM - Battlezones databases in any way is prohibited.

  15. Should a member know of any violation of these obligations, they are immediatley to be reported to the administrators.

  16. The member has the option to purchase a Supporter Pack for D-WARS.COM. In the event of a failure to comply with one of the obligations of conduct listed here, the Supporter Pack does not protect from the deletion of a D-WARS.COM account. A reimbursement of the user fee will not occur.

  17. The user has the option to have Droids restored via the Hotline. This is allowed to happen for a maximum of three other users. Furthermore it is postulated that at least the sitter-password for the other bases is know.

  18. Trading game-related virtual items via Ebay or similar platfroms, or in-game for real money is prohibited.

    The virtual goods within the game are property of Oberberg-Online, and therefore, if this rule is violated, we reserve the right to exclude the seller as well as the buyer from the game.

Terms and conditions of the Payment-Providers:

Addendum for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones

  1. The Battlezones are active for 6 months.
  2. No admin support (mail, hotline etc.) will be offered.
  3. Should an account be hacked, no support will be granted.
  4. The utilization of the Autositter, Bippi and other tools is prohibited.
  5. Since D-WARS.COM - Battlezones is based on the same game mechanics as D-WARS.COM, it is possible that the same errors may occur as in D-WARS.COM. Losses caused by these errors will not be reimbursed.

Data protection

  1. The security and protection of the particular member data is subject to legal regulations for data protection, expecially the German laws of "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)" and the "Datenschutz bei Telediensten (TDDSG)". The user expresses his agreement to the logging of his IP.

  2. Since data protection can not be guaranteed to always be up-to-date with the current state of the art of technology, the member himself is equally responsible for protecting his data, with all means available to him.

  3. All non-officially authorized applications, which are utilizing or processing D-WARS.COM or D-WARS.COM - Battlezones contents, and are automatically providing these to third parties are not allowed. Noncompliances will be prosecuted immediately. Furthermore, indemnifications will be claimed.

  4. In case of indications for illegitimate or unlawful utilization, D-WARS.COM or D-WARS.COM - Battlezones is entitled to review the contents submitted by members, and block access to this data, as the case may be.

  5. D-WARS.COM or D-WARS.COM - Battlezones is entitled to partially or totally stop offering its services at any time. This also applies in case of Supporter-Pack ownership.

  6. The transmission routes in the Internet are not safe from unauthorized access by third parties. This it is possible for technically versed users of the Internet to access, read and edit foreign data. The user bears the herewith associated risks. Oberberg-Online will not assume any responsibility for unauthorized access by third parties.

  7. The service provided by Oberberg-Online, regarding credit card payment via the Internet, is to encrypt personal data such as credit card number, bank identification code, account number, name and address of the buyer by means of a standardized SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

Credit-card payment

  1. Any collected data associated with credit card payment will always be treated confidentially.

  2. Payment can be carried out with any of the following credit-card types: Visa and MasterCard. In case of a payment via credit-card, acceptation occurs as soon as the the bank account of the buyer has been charged, this also applies in case of prepayment.

  3. Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name "WWW.D-WARS.COM".

  4. The requested service will be activated when cashed.

  5. Oberberg-Online reserves the right to additionally charge possible administrative fees, which result for us or the service provider related to the credit-card accounting process.

  6. Oberberg-Online reserves the right to additionally charge possible payback fees, which result for us or the service provider related to the credit-card accounting process. The buyer will be informed about the according fees. When paying with the credit-card of a third party, the presnetation of the written approbation of the card owner is required.

  7. In case of a credit-card payment, Oberberg-Online reserves the right to grant services or send contract goods to the billing address, only with approval of the credit-card company. In case the credit-card company declines the acceptance of the credit note towards Oberberg-Online GmbH, the payment counts as not effected.

  8. Furthermore Oberberg-Online reserves the right to conduct occasional security controls, including the consultation of the responsible registration office, in order to counteract credit-card abuse. Therefore the buyer can be asked to send a verification of his address and a carbon copy of the credit-card with a current account statement on which the turnovers may be rendered unreadable to Oberberg-Online or Payone via fax or mail, before tickets will be issued. In the event of an exposure of a abuse, the buying contract will be revoked by Oberberg-Online GmbH.

  9. Oberberg-Online reserves the right to decline accounting / mediation contracts without stating a reason, especially

    • if users are not credit-worthy
    • if the users are not granted creditworthiness on presentation of the credit-card.

  10. Informations regarding credit-card payment can be requested by phone (09003 100 8301 - 1,24�/minute german fixed line network) or via email (hotline@d-wars.com, with subject "Credit-Card Payment")

  11. Oberberg-Online will reply to all customer requests regarding credit-card payment via email or phone within two workingdays.

Payment formalities for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones

The user pays a one-time fee of 9,99 Euro including VAT for the utilization of a D-WARS.COM - Battlezones account.
D-WARS.COM - Battlezones accounts have all Supporter Pack features (for exceptions see "Addendum for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones") enabled, without additional payment.

Terms and conditions of the Payment-Providers:

Contract period/cancellation/processing

This contract becomes effective with the beginning of the contract term (activation of the account by Oberberg-Online).

Applying to D-WARS.COM - Battlezones: The contract is concluded for a period of 6 months. A deletion of the entry ahead of schedule is not possible. A reimbursement of the utilization fee will not occur.


Oberberg-Online takes no responsibility for any user created contents in the game.

Rassistic, pornographic, insulting, threatening or law violating contents, as well as the violation of third party rights will lead to the deletion of the account. Oberberg-Online is not responsible for the areas freely configurable by players. If a violation of these rules is reported, it will be removed.

Oberberg-Online is not liable for damages resulting from use or disuse of the account.

Applying for D-WARS.COM - Battlezones:


All displayed graphics (with the exception of user provided images such as user/clan-logos and avatars) and source/HTML codes in the game and the appendant sites, unless noted otherwise, are property of bz.d-wars.com. Any infringement on this copyright will be legally persecuted.

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